Uses and types of gowns and the likeness of women.

  Uses and types of gowns and the likeness of women.

There are various Uses and types of gowns in the world. Here’s the list of defferent types of gowns and their uses that every women should wear.There are various types of gowns likewise Princess gown or ball gown, wedding gowns etc. These gowns have also defferent uses according to there designs. Such are

  1. How women like to wear them?
  2. What kind of gowns ladies uses more?
  3. How many percentage of women want to wear these?

Let us talk about these questions and queries about gowns.

History of Uses and types of gowns :

First of all the word “gown” is coming from the saxon word “gunna”. Usually it is a loose outer garment from knee to full length. Firstly the female students wore the gowns in 12th and 13th century. From then the women of the Europe had been wearing in the early middle ages. In today also the women very much like to wear gowns continuously. The gown worn, indecates the status of the women.

Uses and types of gowns in western country:

Commonly ladies use gowns as party wear, wedding dress. Also in special occasions and functions, we can use these gowns. In contrast Christian brides wear white gowns in their wedding. As it is their traditional wedding dress, they prefer this almost.

Let’s Know about some Uses and types of gowns western culture:

1. Princess type gowns/ Ball gowns type :Uses and types of gowns

Princess gowns are the gowns with exposed arms and low bouffant styled skirts. Mainly Christian brides like this type of gowns. Now a days Indian brides also prefer it for their reception parties. Designers design princess gown according to the dresses of cyndrella. Fabrics like silk,soft net,satin, taffeta and valvet can use in gowns. Gowns look more beautiful with trimmings of lace, pearls, sequins, embroidery, ruffle, roselles and ruching. This gowns are mostly used in wedding parties.

2. Mermaid tail  gowns type:Types of gown

Mermaid tail gown is a style evening gown . This closely fits to the bodice towards the knee area. And “fish tail” like fabrics floats through the floor. These are also made up with silk, satin and taffeta like fabrics. These are the dressy style that ladies want to dress in formal parties/events, promos and of course on the red carpet. Also ladies prefer to wear it in wedding and  in maternity photo shoot .

3. Empire waist gowns type:

Empire waist gown is a gown that fits the bodice ending just bellow the bust. And a gathered skirt is long and loosely fitting skirt. It rather goes with a voluminous petticoat. So this gowns are perfect for the pear shaped ladies in wedding, formal events, parties etc. It looks georgeous with soft net fabric.

4. Trumpet gowns type:Uses and types of gowns

It has a straight line skirt that fitted through the knee area. And then it floats on the floor. It is a types of mermaid gown. The fit and flare style gives a pretty look to the ladies. Now a days most of the ladies like  it for maternity photoshoot. Indian women also like this for pre-wedding photoshoot. Similarly many women like to wear this type of gowns in parties and functions.

Uses and types of gowns in India :

Similarly now a days in India, various ladies like to wear gowns in their wedding parties, special occasions and in many festivals. There are also defferent types of Indian style gowns. Designers design these gowns inspired by the western gowns, giving some Indian twist.

Let’s Know about some Uses and types of gowns in India  :

1. Cape gowns type:Types of gown

In this gown, ladies wear a cape over the shoulders. And the cap is a long peice of fabric with stiched around the neck. It is called cape gown. This type of gowns are now on trending in India. This gown gives a western twist to the traditional dress up style of India. So many ladies wear  this in marriage ceremony, events and festive also .

2. Lehnga gowns type:Uses and types of gowns

Lehnga gown is a dress of a one piece lehnga. Similarly it has a well defined waist line. It looks gergeous with off shoulder, backless,half sleeve etc. Now a days this type of gown is also liked by many Indian bride for their reception parties.

3. Jacket gowns type:Types of gown

Jacket gown is a gown which is designed with a Jacket goes from neck to the waist line. It gives an extra coverage to the gown. The jacket is made up with soft net and embroidery work. This dresses are also more famous in Indian beauty now.

4. Layered gowns type:Uses and types of gowns

Layered gown is a gown which skirt is made up of many layers. These gowns are very great for wedding, parties. Layers give an extra volume to the dress which looks very pretty. So it is used as wedding gowns by the ladies.

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Percentage of women want to wear gowns:

In whole world, 87 percentage of women like to wear ethnic dresses like gowns. Mostly Christian brides wear this in their wedding. So now a days brides of all religion prefer gown as their wedding dress or reception party outfits. Many gowns like mermaid gowns, trumpet gowns are also used by the women for pre wedding photoshoot, maternary photoshoot. Similarly need of gown is increasing day by day. So designers give their best efforts on gown design to make them more pretty and attractive.


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