Problems while buying dress online by the customers

 Problems that people face while buying dresses online.

Buying dress online is easy but many problems occur while buying a dress. To check the problems that may a person face while buying a dress online read it.

Why is online shopping is so popular :

Now a- days everybody busy in their life. They have no much time for shopping in a traditional way. It takes lots of time to go for shopping to a mall .due to lack of time people liked online shopping. Every type of dresses that people want they got on online websites. So nowadays online shopping is so much popular.

Online shopping growing day by day

Due to the costumer’s requirement, it increases day by day .due to lots of varieties and numbers of products online shopping attracts the people. people nowadays like get their products online and spent more on it.

problems while buying dress online

How is online shopping done:

Online shopping is very popular in public now. Everybody likes to do shopping from online .it has many benefits and its process is so easy but it has also some problems. Instead of problems, people like it.
The methods of online shopping are given below,

  1. search the product that you want with Google browser or any other.
  2. select the product that you want.
  3. then put the selected product to the cart.
  4. then continue buying and search for payment options
  5. finally recheck the product and pay for it.

problems while buying dress onlineProblems while buying dress online :

Online shopping is an easy process but it may be not good if we don’t aware of the problems and their solutions.some common problems Faced by the consumer while shopping online are

1.quality of product time
3.not clear information on website etc

problems while buying dress online

Advantages of Buying dress online:

In the online website, there are a lot of designs and the latest stylus dresses then the local market. people get stylus dresses at affordable price. online shopping gives us the opportunity of shopping 24/7.we can choose dresses by comparing the variety of dresses .we get can get dressed according to our likes.

Problems while buying dress online :

Online shopping has lots of benefits but it has also had many troubles. It is very easy to do shopping online but sometimes it is harmful due to some problems. In the case of buying dresses online, the challenges that faced by the consumer are given below:

  1. quality problem.
  2. size issue
  3. Not sure return policy
  4. Never clear terms and conditions
  5. No sure delivery date

There are lots of disadvantages to online buying

  1. first of all the payment options some times not secure so it’s dangerous.
  2. In the case of dresses if there is an issue of fitting then the returning Option is complicate.
  3. In online shopping methods, we can’t select the product by physically trying.
  4. Sometimes the shipping cost is very high. These are some disadvantages.

Buying dress online is good or bad :

Online shopping is sometimes good and also sometimes bad .so we have to Know the perfect methods of online shopping for a smooth shopping experience. There are some trusted websites who care about there customer like amazon.flipkart etc.

The solution to the problems while buying dress online:

We should aware of that our personal information should not be published. In the case of dresses, we should follow the size chart for the right measurement of size. Before ordering the product we should check the return policy.

Is it cheaper to buy things online or in-store:
Online shopping is cheaper in case of small items like dresses, beauty products etc. But in the case of buying a large item, buying from the shop is quite good because we may get some compromise in money.problems while buying dress online


Technology made much progress in online shopping and it may be continue due to the increase in the interest of the people in online shopping. we guess someday online shopping beats the traditional way shopping.

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