Latest creamy matte lipstick; by Maybelline

Màybèlline Nèw Yòrk còlòur sènsàtiònàl màdè fòr àll lipstick..🤩

A latest creamy matte lipstick..

Latest creamy matte lipstick

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So as you all know that any types of make up look is incomplete without lipstick. Now-a-days lipstick is very common in for ladies as well as girls also. This is era for make your lip looks bold,cute and also attractive. This is a latest creamy matte lipstick which gives a charming touch to your lips n looks.

Let’s discuss about the latest creamy matte lipstick by Maybelline…

As you all know màybèlline is a likable brand for make up assesories. So recently Maybelline add an awesome lipstick to its collection. You will be happy by listining that this product is suitable for every type of skin tone. After trying on approximately 50 types of skin tone Maybelline recommend this product for all.

Are you puzzled….. which shade of lipstick shuit you?

Don’t be confused on this problem. Here is the solution Maybelline New York colour sansational made for all lipstick. No doubt it’s every shade goes stunning with your skin tone.

Latest creamy matte lipstick

Shades available

You are surprised to know that this lipstick has 7 defferent shades. All the shades add charm on your beauty. Hence you can choose any one as well as more then one according to your choice.


Let’s know the shades of the latest creamy matte lipstick….


370 Spice for Me:
It is a attractive light brown nude perfect for any party, functions as well as for daily basis.

373 Mauve for Me:
A warm rose nude, this shade is surprisingly pigmented and gives full-coverage.

376 Pink for Me:
A cool shade dusty pink, Pink for Me is also surprisingly pigmented and proved how light the color is.

379 Fuchsia for Me:
It is a shining hot pink. I noticed that it’s pigments travel a bit on the lips so a few layers are needed for a fully coverage.

382 Red for Me (Matte):
The only matte shade out of all shades, this is a classic bright red. The formulation is just fabulous.
So if you look for a bright matte finish red then I will recommend this for you

385 Ruby for Me:
This is blue-base ruby red, Ruby for Me has a super glazzy finish. The pigmentation is just superb. I would like to recommend this with a red liner for a warm n hot look.

388 Plum for Me:

This shade is a plummy berry pink. The formulation is slightly defferent from other shades. It is also a nice one.

Take a look on the packaging of the latest creamy matte lipstick…

This awesome lipstick is pack in a silver colour plastic. And it’s cover is colour same as the shade placed in it. Its look is very attractive.


Each shade, sensational on all type of skin.

Formulated with honey nectar for a smooth and not harmful for lip

As charm to your make up look in all skin tones

Gives satin and matte finishes

In my experience…

It gives smooth and shiny lip
Comfortable for use
Suit for all type of skin tone
Very much pigmented
Easy to apply


Cosmetic store, Amazon, flipcart, Nyka etc


Above all.. I recommend this product to all. Because it is the solution for those who are confused about the shade which suits them.
To be honest I just love the shade 385 Red for me. It gives me a pigmented, warm and hot look.

Latest creamy matte lipstick








I would like to conclude by give 8 points to this product.

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