Latest blouse designs for women in 2020

Latest blouse designs in 2020

The blouse is the upper outfit that wears with sarees and Lehnga also. Latest Blouse designs give a stunning look with sarees. Ladieswear the blouse according to the saree color and design. Nowadays there are lots of designs like floral print, backless, high neck, v-neck, oval-neck etc mostly wear by womens. The heavily worked blouses, ladies want to wear with lehnga in party and functions. Similarly, in the latest trend, ladies like to wear simple or one colored saree with heavy, pretty, gorgeous and latest blouse designs. So nowadays the designers give the most emphasis on the latest and unique design of blouses.Latest blouse designsTrend of latest blouse design :

Tailor and designers now a days give their best on blouse designs due to the requirement of trendy and latest blouse. Ladies want to wear a blouse that have some unique designs and to look more attractive in parties. So the trends of blouse is changing day by day and it is increasing to the best level in daily life.

 Latest blouse designs :

There are so many designs that liked by women from many days . Blouse like full sleeve, oval neck, high-neck, simple cotton blouse are commonly used by the ladies . These types of blouses, ladies prefer for daily wear because it gives comfort while wearing it. Working women like to wear high neck and full sleeve blouse because it gives a professional look. Housewife like to wear simple cotton blouse for daily purpose because it gives then comfort while doing house job. But ladies wants to wear latest trendy blouse for party , functions to look more attractive with there outfit saree.
Some type of blouse designs are;

1. Fullsleeve
2. Half sleeve
3. Round neck
4. Oval neck
5. Highneck
6. 3/4th sleeve blouse
7. Simple cotton blouse

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Types of Latest blouse designs

Now a days ladies want to wear latest trendy blouse to complete their saree look and for looking more attractive in the parties and functions. So The designers give their best to create latest and unique designs of blouse. As a result, their efforts make it happens that ladies wear latest and unique blouse with their saree and look more pretty and Beautiful.  As a result Saree look more beautiful with a designed blouse which is same color and same type of design as the saree .
Here ,some latest blouse designs are given below,

1. Boat neck blouse

A wide neck line goes front and back and also on the shoulder. It is called boat neck.  It goes with different types of sarees. So it gives a pretty look to the ladies .


2. Sleeveless blouse –

Similarly It gives a hot and attractive look to the ladies. It goes with the chiffon saree , net saree, one colored saree etc. It creates a gorgeous look in ladies.

3. Silk saree blouse

It is a half sleeve heavy stone work and embroidery worked blouse. South indian brides wear this type of blouse with their wedding silk saree. The silk blouse gives a complete look to the bride as well as all ladies .

4.Backless blouse

Similarly all ladies like this design mostly for wedding. It gives a commentary touch to the traditional outfit .

5.Ruffle hand design blouse-

The blouse sleeve is designed as ruffle. It may be net fabric or chiffon .
So It looks very stylish . It looks very pretty with soft net saree .Latest blouse designs

6. Blouse with flared pattern sleeve-

The flared pattern at the sleeve also gives a lovely look to the goes very well with silk saree.

7. Colored neck blouse –

It gives a dashing look to the saree .
So It goes with silk saree ,tassar saree,cotton saree etc.

8. Back neck blouse with silk thread –

It is also a latest trendy blouse of 2020 . Certainly women wants it to wear in parties and functions. It gives a lovely look to women .

9. Off shoulder blouse –

It is also a trendy blouse of 2020 . It gives a hot and sexy look to women aged 19 to 25 liked this most.

Some other latest blouses :

1. Round cut back blouselatest blouse design

2. Gathered back design blouse
3. Balloon sleeve Design blouse
4. Criss Cross back Design blouse
5. Designer wedding blouse
6. Embroidery belt design blouse

Impotance of latest blouse designs :

Stylish blouse gives a stylish look to the ladies in saree outfits.Blouse gives a beautiful and stunning look to the ladies. Saree look is incomplete if we have not a designer blouse which match to the colour and design of the saree. So if we put on a saree outfit then we have to give lots of emphasis on chosing the blouse designs.So for ladies it is necessary to have a collection of latest and trendy designer blouses to make there outfit attractive.

Latest blouse designs for lehnga :-

In contrast Lehnga is a traditional wedding dress in India . Every women wants to look attractive ,hot ,stylish in wedding . Lehnga is incomplete without a designer blouse. Due to complete the bridal look with heavy lehnga there is a requirement of a heavy and stylish blouse.mostly women liked to wear silk back design blouse with lehnga .
Finally we conclude that Latest blouse Design like off sleeve blouse , sleeveless blouse, net ruffle blouse,backless blouse ,Criss Cross back ,back neck with lots of latkan goes nicely with lehnga . High-neck blouse and colored blouse goes nicely with silk lehnga .Latest blouse designs

Lastly, to get a very stylus blouse design we have to give emphasis on the sleeve design ,back design , front design .we have to neck out that the color and the border design should match with the saree . Blouse should be designed on the basis of body shape and the styles that suits to the ladies .

Conclusion :

Finally, Blouse is most important for the completion of saree and Lehnga look . So we should design the blouse according to the above things.we should have a collection of latest trendy blouse for gergeous look.

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